VR Offices

Our interactive office experiences will immerse users into a strategically designed productivity environment. 




Virtual Office Sizes


Our simple and smart startup sized office is perfect for smaller remote teams. 

*Team Sizes: 2-16


Need to a bigger pot? We’ve got the spot. Our growth sized office will give you the extra room you need to effectively meet.

*Team Sizes: 2-24


Our skilled team of developers and designers can develop Virtual Reality Offices for your company. These digital masterpieces can server as your virtual headquarters.

*Team Sizes: Custom

Equipment Built-in

Digital doesn’t depreciate.


Smart whiteboard with different activity layouts: SWOT, Lead Progress, & Kanban presets.


Cast content on our virtual projector for all users to see.

Conference Table

Built to seat a whole team. Suitable for all types of discussions.


“Let’s meeting in OUR virtual office.”

Brand your VR Office space with your company logo. Why use a video call software with someone else’s branding when you can use have an Virtual Reality Office with your company’s logo on the walls and Avatar outfits. Take back control.


We can also create customized VR Offices, Virtual Reality experiences for training, and so much more. Reach out us and we’ll schedule a meeting. Our development and design teams will work with you to create exactly what you need. Limitless possibilities.