How to get started:

Since we right now are in Beta, this app will be free to use for the next 30 to 90 days. 

So how to start using The VR Office

Inside the VR Office:

  • Open the tablet (It can be called with the Home icon on your left wrist)
  • Settings app
  • Sign in
  • Sign up (Open mail to see your received verification code outside VR, it will be sent from

Back in VR:

  • Enter verification code
  • Sign in (key sensitive on username)

How to meet your friends? 

Create an organization to meet your friends online.

  • Open tablet. 
  • Open organization app
  • Create (fill in name)
  • Press Change
  • Choose your organization
  • Invite friends with organization app
  • Press Invite
  • Search for their name and press +
  • Your friends must then accept in the organization app
  • Go online
  • Open Online app and connect.

Open app Online. If online, the room code will be displayed. All your friends who now are part of the same organization can now join your room.

The VR Office and Holopipe:

The VR Office builds on our system Holopipe which is our content and user management system for The VR Office and the Holopipe AR app (iOS and Android) 

So any content viewed inside VR can also be viewed in the AR app using the same user login.

On the webpage you can upload your assets , then view them in VR in the VR office, or as AR with your smartphone.

Inside The VR Office, you have your personal tablet. One of the preinstalled apps is like an internal app store where you can find and install all the tools you need.

Spawn 3D in VR or AR. Use to upload 3D assets. 

In VR open the app Holopipe to spawn.

In AR, download the app Holopipe (iOS and Android)

Known bugs: 

Sometimes, is online app is saying “fetching organization for a long time” 

Sign in/out, and change the space your are in. The space your started in is the lobby. Go to the meeting room, or any other room by approach the doors, then back to this lobby where you started. This will solve a delay in the fetching organization.

Apps marked with BETA might crash or disconnect you. If disconnected, just go to the online app and re-join your meeting.